Public speaking and presentation design help for nerdy people.

Free and paid public speaking courses for the following kinds of people

Anyone doing technical presentations, who wants to not bore people, but still educate people.

Highly educated but bent towards science, engineering, technology and other academic or deeply technical ideas and information. Or just really geeked out about something and wants to share that with the world.

Afraid to give speeches and presentations, but has to do so keep their job or advance in their career.

Also, not talented in graphic design but needs to make informative, but useful and ascetically-pleasing proposals, slides and handouts.

I developed this after I, a nervous wreck and a nerd in many aspects of my life, started to get invitations to talk about the things I nerd out about, namely how cities work and how they can work better. I also found that I love teaching and speaking I don’t get to do it enough so that it pays the bills. So I made a course.

The great part about this course is that there are two parts, one that’s absolutely free and helps you craft a fun and informative presentation in just six days! The second part digs deeper and it costs money, but you get more insight on my method of creating presentations and you get to talk to me face-to-face and I’ll grade your presentations. You probably think that costs a ton of money.

It doesn’t. Check out the long course on Gumroad, subscribe to the short course emails and start hanging out on my Pinterest board, where I post infographics, blog posts, videos and other helpful tools. Oh, and my resources page on the site.